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Hurricane is the name of this exciting video clip,''played by the band 30 Seconds to mars''; 13:10 With the almost short duration, it comes with a format very present in today's video clips: the integration of not only track the most extension for additional scenes. Check here Hurrinane


Enrique Iglesias released a single successor (I Liked) (Tonight) featuring rapper Ludacris. As well as a technological footprint, and very danceable, the music promises to be a new single for summer. Listen here. Enrique Iglesias arrived in the U.S. to achieve two platinum discs, relating to sales of over two million copies of her first two albums. Nine of his songs reached number one on radio stations from 19 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia, proving the consistency of his international career. Today he attended several awards at Latin Grammys.

The teen star of the moment, Justin Bieber released a single (Rock Girl) which sources said has already recorded video clip will be a gamble for the early years? see the single in full by clicking here


 Walls''Castle''and the name of the track produced by Alex Da Kid Alex - responsible for hits "Love The Way You Lie," Eminem and Rihanna, and "Airplanes", by BoB and Hayley Williams, the track behind the rapper's partnership IT. Check out the track here. After being accused of plagiarism, it seems that Christina Aguilera is trying to turn around, the blonde recently recorded his latest film''Burlesque''which has a theme very similar to his last cd ''To Basic Basic's,''the new single will be working on the next album IT''Mercy.''


The reworking of''The Time''theme of famous movie''Dirty Dance,''performed by Black Eyed Pears, win clip, in full view.



 Rihanna had a cruel question, for which he wanted his new band's work, the third of his new album''Loud,''and it was decided that Cheers (Drink to That) Whats my name''succeed''. The song has background vocals from Avril Lavigne, with an excerpt from the song "I'm With You". Rihanna said that since there was a doubt between two tracks and it has been decided, the next song will be working "S & M" also included on his new album. Click here 
to see the band in full.
    Currently Rihanna is being considered as one of the best names for the pop music market, and the proof that it passed on the Billboard charts: Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey and Beyonce, with her top in the seventh song "Pop Songs" also her new cd comes to selling 190 000 copies in eight days, and to further improve the ego of the singer .. she received the title of the American Billboard as the female solo artist who appeared at the top for more parade "Pop Songs" magazine.
"I'm always challenging myself and beating me." I did not do enough. I did not do enough. " So I think, 'Hell - you have 22 years! "- Are words that show the singer how she struggles and how that effort is showing results in her career.

The awards, which gathers all the American icons, happened yesterday (21/11), full of performances, news and entertainment, so let the news ..

Performaces : 

Unlike the VMAs, this time the monopoly of awards was led by Justin Bieber received three awards, small number compared with 9 of Lady Gaga at the awards evening, but still Bieber was the attraction of the night performing his new song "Working Pray. "

Another highlight of the evening was the band Black Eyed Peas, who brought their new song''The Time (dirty bit)''and performed with a colorful and lively, but always with an air Flutur visible in the costume and the sentence that performace ends:''Welcome to the future''Welcome to the future.

Kesha came with everything and performed her hit single''We R Who We R''with a bold vision, fluturístico scenario, the guitar and shredded paper, the singer was undoubtedly one of the great attractions of the night.

Rihanna did a medley of his three new hits''I love the way you lie (part 2)'', "What's My Name?" and "Only Girl (In The World)." The singer came with hair and costumes inspired by the theme to your new album Loud. Rihanna 7 minutes dominated the awards, they filled the vocal works, choreography and effects.

 Other renowned artists who perform are: Pink, who made a presentation even pregnant super dynamic, Taylor Swift new song that came with "Back To December" on a piano and touched everyone, Katy Perry brought her new song''''Firework with chorus and dancers bringing Miley Cyrus and her new song removed from the album "Can not Be Tamed" - "Love And Forgiveness."

 performaces : 

Miley Cyrus :
Taylor Swift : 


Best Male Pop / Rock: Justin BieberFemale Artist Pop / Rock: Lady GagaDual Band or Pop / Rock: The Black Eyed PeasAlbum-Pop / rock: Justin Bieber - My World 2.0Country Male Artist: Brad PaisleyCountry Female Artist: Taylor Swift
Country band or duo: Lady AntebellumCountry Album: Carrie Underwood - "Play On"Best Male Rap / Hip Hop: EminemAlbum Rap / Hip Hop: Eminem - "Recovery"Best Male Soul / R & B: UsherFemale Artist Soul / R & B: RihannaAlbum Soul / R & B: Usher - Raymond v. RaymondSoundtrack Album: Glee: The Music, Volume 3 ShowstoppersAlternative Rock Artist: MuseAdult Contemporary Music Artist: Michael BubléLatin Music Artist: ShakiraInspiration Contemporary Artist: MercyMeArtist of the Year: Justin BieberArtist: Justin BieberRevelation: Justin Bieber

To close, the gossip of the night .. Justin Bieber star teen kissing singer Katy Perry ..

The award was very valuable to the artists and showed the new scenario of international pop music, and we see that the new names are to stay and have earned their space. until next year.

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Edição : Max Holanda 

Today (01/11/1010) released the video clip "The Big Bang"  a super production, a musical style very different from what the public is accustomed to seeing Miley. Actor Kevin Zegers was chosen by herself to star along with her the story goes that the video clip. The song is not on the album "Can not Be Tamed" that will star in a movie, or even be a new track to fill a future album? look forward .. meanwhile enjoy the video clip by clicking aqui


The song''We R w and R''who is on the charts around the world, but still prefer the singer Kesha ensure its monopoly. Today (29/10) was launched Sleazy new song that will be on the deluxe version of their debut album now titled''Cannibal''. Kesha peaked with the first clip''Take It''Of the song''You''Love Is My Drug & other hits, showing that he earned his place in the international market pop music. Check out the song below


After 'Na Na Na''the band My Chemical Romance launches its new single from "The Only Hope For Me Is You" which has a footprint a little machine, but follows the same rhythm that has won millions of fans throughout the world. It confirmed the presence of this track on the album "Danger Days: The True Lives of the Killjoys Fabulous" will be released within days. Check out this exclusive content WMA


Katy Perry released today (28/10) her new single titled "Firework", which was recorded last month in Europe with a more classic but without losing focus on the''cruising''since''cd''Teenage Dream brought a series of videos with the same theme, this is a bit different which brings a novelty because we do not see the quieter songs from''Katy''Think of you See the exclusive video # WMA clicking aqui ! 



It seems that the Colombian singer Shakira is
 very inspirational,''loca''by the climate surrounding the name and her new single, which is the track of the album''Sale''el sol.At the last second (25/10) at the end of his show, the singer decided to add a few thousand fans in the parking lot where the concert took place, to sing on top of a car her new song, the initiative took place in the media of various countries and it seems that good reviews see references to Shakira.

NA NA NA''''The much awaited VIDEO CLIP MCR

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After three years without launching a new musical work or the band My Chemical Romance whose lead singer Gerard Way, launches new work and then the next album, titled "Danger Days: The True Lives of the Killjoys Fabulous" comes with the video clip'' Na Na Na''footprint with a 70 year old style very different from the dark band. No doubt the video and a beginning of a new phase, and shows that rock is increasingly international and recycles back new things! See the full video by clicking here!


The long awaited video clip of the North American singer Rihanna is in full here at the WMA, we'll check it bluntly that will undoubtedly be a big hit for summer and one of the best works of Rihanna. see the video clip by clicking here!

With a red desert, flowers, swing and more, the video shows it was very well produced and certainly one response to the criticism that Rihanna was doing it allegedly lost his talent for making pop hits, the new CD, she said and to turn the sound and dance, as was the will of many, as the market's current song needs to be able to succeed and stay on the charts.


Miley Cyrus
After shocking the world with Can not be tamed, tell all your fans of Hannah Montanna''''Whatever your image to unlink the character's childhood, beginning with controversies that recall the pop princess (Britney Spears) in early of his career, Miley Cyrus launches a video clip that has everything to be full separation of its image of children. Only lingerie on the song "Who Owns My Heart" shows the girl who really is ready! watch video unprecedented clicking here!
Cyrus became interested in acting when she was nine, and began classes at the Armstrong Acting Studio, where his family lived in Toronto, Canada. His early career was marked by small roles, today the girl in the billboard charts and topple desired prizes.

Linkin Park letras


Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns

One of the most anticipated albums of the year, "A Thousand Suns" marks the return of Linkin Park. The disc sounds like a protest because of its concept in dealing with issues related to war and nuclear issues.
For this work the band had in the production Rick Rubin, famed for his work with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and other rock bands.
The new work of Linkin Park did not disappoint and was one of the most successful debuts of the year. While in the UK reached the second place, "A Thousand Suns debuted atop the North American parade with more than 240,000 copies sold.

Maroon 5 letras
Hands All Over- Maroon 5

One of the most anticipated albums of the year, "Hands All Over" will surely please all fans of the band Pop / Rock Maroon 5.
The album repeated the performance of its predecessor, "It Will not Be Soon Before Too Long", getting favorable reviews. But the band failed to get the first stop of the U.S., among the best selling albums, debuting in second place.
However, the band continues as one of the most played on radio and also doing well on the charts for a single. So much so that Misery also attended the American Billboard Hot 100, among the twenty best-selling singles.second single "Hands All Over," Give a Little More.
Noteworthy also partnered with Maroon 5's Country band Lady Antebellum, on the track Out Of Goodbyes.

Selena Gomez letrasSelena Gomez and The Scene - A Year Without Rain

The young singer / actress Selena Gomez has released its second album "A Year Without Rain." This new work has some influence from electronic music with contributions from such names as RedOne (producer of Lady Gaga) and producer and singer Kevin Rudolf.
"A Year Without Rain" also brings an extra special collaboration: singer Katy Perry who helped write the song Rock God.
The new album by Selena Gomez Tave has two singles. Round & Round The song was the first song, and nearly with the new album A Year Without Rain was released as second single.
"A Year Without Rain" has performed very well on the charts to ensure Selena Gomez in fourth place among the best selling albums in the United States (with the mark of 66 000 copies).Source: Firefly

                 WMA exclusive cover!After performances at the VMAs, a great success with new singles, provide date and name of new album, Rihanna comes with a twist!
His new cd''Loud''is dated release date (16 / November) is not new, nor to some new tracks leaked on the internet, but the singer walks Detailed increasingly revealing about his new job even said the album come away with the bad songs that play in the evenings, Rihanna also talks a bit about the tracks already authorized to be disclosed. Here are some previews of the songs:

"Only Girl (In The World)" - already released track, which opens the disc works. He currently holds the number three hit parade of major American."What's My Name?" - Next single from "Loud" and should be released soon. "Oh nah nah, what's my name? ... Hey kid, I want to see if you can hang out with a girl like me.Oh boy, I really want to be with you, you my type ... You are fantastic, you took me a while to understand ... ""Cheers" - The song features a sample of the hit "I'm With You," Avril Lavigne. The remarkable "yeahh, yeahh, yeahhh, yeahhh" the original version is predominant. This song will be hit in nightclubs, bars, anywhere that serves alcohol."California King (Bed)" - A romantic ballad that joins the list of songs that honor the state of California."Raining Men" - The song which features innovative Nicki Minaj! Although not a striking chorus, the song can be grudante."Fading Away" - Another ballad. This is likely referring to her longtime boyfriend Chris Brown. Song that comes close to their previous album, "Rated R"."Man Down" - The song begins with sirens and sounds like a metaphor to give strength to a relationship.

"When you go to a shop and have to listen to bad music you turn to drink because he wants to have fun. I hate having to spend a track, especially if I'm in the shower. I wanted to make an album that you just pressed the 'play '". Rihanna said.


Of all the surprises for the new album by Rihanna, is a track produced by renowned DJ David Guetta is included in the repertoire 'Who's That Chcik "and one of the tracks that will be used as working for the cd. You can check in full by clicking here!
There are many expectations on the new video clip of the band have already upgraded to 1 ° to be disclosed''''Only Girl Rihanna made sure to give one wanting more in a talk a bit about the back stages of the video: "Video was recorded in a pretty crazy places. We shot in landscapes that were discovered that a few hours from Los Angeles. The video is a visual unreal, seems fake, like in the postcards with beautiful mountains. There are scenes showing how the lights hit the grass and when the dust reflects light, is really beautiful. We had the lighting of the sun in days, then helped a lot with the whole essence of the video. "
There is great speculation for the release of''Loud''despite the low sales data confirm the tickets of the concerts on her current tour for Rihanna, she making $ 400,000 per show, and if money is synonymous with success''Loud''is a gold mine as it is estimated that a success in sales, so it remains to give more news about Rihanna

The boys in the band (McFly), let slip that the new album will have a bit of rap. Almost since launch for the 5th album, which will be called "Above The Noise" and is expected to launch in November, specifically the 19th.In an interview with Bang Showbiz, Tom Fletcher said: "A rap? Well, we are not we going to sing it," the producer Dallas Austin appeared on the tracks as a rapper, so unique kk.Tracks already confirmed "Party Girl" / "Nowhere Left to Run" / "Shine a Light" "I'll Be Your Man"In addition, the band said that the United States enjoyed working with Austin (producer) because they were not distracted.Harry Judd said: "We went to Atlanta to Dallas is where you live. It is a great place to go and work. We've never released anything or promote anything here, so people do not know who we are. We came only to save and exit with Dallas. It was incredible. "The new album, "Above The Noise" will be released exclusively by the new band's website, the "Super City".


The country darling of the United States released this Monday (10/04) the new single from the album "Speak Now". The band that bears the same title of the singer's third album, debuted at No. 13 on ITunes."The song was inspired by the passion of a friend for a boy from school. They grew up and parted, but I always believed that they would be together. One day she called and said he would marry. The bride it was bad. The isolated from everyone, friends and family ", Said the singer on the new single. The album "Speak Now" will be released on October 25.


After raising the level with the submission of acrobatic presentation breathtaking unexpected success of "Glitter In The Air" at the Grammys 2010,Pink will launch on November 16 his first collection.

With the title of "Greatest Hits ... So Far !!!",In addition to two new songs (One of the new tracks is "Raise Your Glass, which was released in the early evening today, 5) the disc will meet several hits from the singer.


After six weeks topple the top of the Billboard be called the''Queen of Pop''in and be nominated for VMAs Katy Perry presents new single''Teenage Dream''in the television show Wetten dass''''the presentation was Monday 2/10/2010 and was hearing in March and has said one of the best performances of Katy. The girl has been showing a great danger to their competitors in the music world, as increasingly has become synonymous with success in launches and also well-received by their songs do not vulgar lyrics of singles and a different theme, some say they still fear katy abuse of sensuality being a former gospel singer and much respect the religion of their parents.
See the performace of Katy aqui !


Astro's new classical music Michael Buble''current''after many successes with their old songs, and rewrites and applause after a new cd titled as''Crazy Love''takes a video clip with a new look without losing the origins of his musical inspiration.''Hollywood''comes with scenes of Michael dressed in Justin Bieber, acting as a''bad boy'', a movie star and end with an air of Hollywood dancing in between all the sets. The new video of Michael and much talked about and praised as there are no other singers with the same musical style today.


They are beautiful, they dance well, do video very well edited, with an air of debate and clear as all the fever of the moment the group is not entitled to dance and choreographed by James Ryan director and choreographer of the videos are making the joy of internet Com3.925.169 only views the first video and a parody of California Girls - Katy Perry who was called''Gay''California. The first work was so successful that the singer (Katy Perry) has posted a video on her official website The second video released recently without any change in the name:''''Peacok already has 1,673,035 views, the music will be the next single from the new album of Katy. Apparently the new format of doing parodies this success, there are many fans waiting for new videos of Ryan James.
See the two videos by clicking here California Gays / Peacok

sexta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2010


The North American band My Chemical Romance Tour today (17/09/2010) The promotional video for his new cd that has not yet released the name right. Minutes after the video release of thousands of fans have commented on the subject, and the reflection that the tag # MCR was already among the most commented blog Twitter micro, there are high expectations for the new album since rock band has not released nor a new single since 2007. See the official video by clicking aqui


Lady Gaga criticized the U.S. government to prohibit the presence of gay soldiers in the corporation's army, an act that is governed by the law "Do not Ask, Do not Tell."Assumed as the protector of gay groups, Lady Gaga posted a video as a protest singer's see some sentences: ''I'm here to be the voice of my generation. Not for the generation of senators who are voting, but by the youth of this country, the generation that is affected by this policy and will have children who will be affected, "the singer said." We're not asking you to agree or disagree with the moral issueshomosexuality, we are asking you to do your work and defend the Constitution. " "My discovery was more shocking to know that they feel lack of power to protect and serve their nation, as they joined the military because they believe in America. See the video by clicking aqui

segunda-feira, 13 de setembro de 2010


Prepared for the comments awaited the VMAs? Many jokes, music, surprises & Light controversy: There were some jokes about the event involving Kanye West & Taylor Swift, and hoped that all really happened, the revenge of Taylor that was implemented with the new song''Innocent''in which Taylorused to snipe the enemy maybe Kanye. In excerpts''If only you would sing only what you know''/''If only you could sing just about what you know'' &''It's never too late to get it back''/''It's never too late to recover''They understand how Taylor was apologizing to Kanye, the event and perhaps a certain air of pity. Despite all the confusion surrounding the name of Kanye West who has been criticized even by U.S. President (Barack Obama) the guy was successful and was the grand finale of the award, with a new song "Runway." See Taylor Swift clicking performace aqui
Rihanna had told several tabloids would not be at the VMAs this year since we had other work commitments, it seems that the current redhead changed his mind, at the VMAs this year, she appeared opposite Eminem performing the song''I Love The WayYou Lie.'' According to an interview she gave the same channel MTV Rihanna would have received a call from his partner saying that Eminem song would not be so good if she was not present, with the guilt the girl got a day off from recording her new movie and attended the event.Eminem after safer with the presence of Rihanna certainly was happy with his two awards, unfortunately the singer can not go on stage to receive them as soon as they finished their presentation was in a hurry for a gig in NY.Eminem won in the categories:Best Male Video / Video Best Hip-HopSee the presentation of Rihanna and Eminem aqui
After eight awards Lady Gaga was moved in his last trip to the VMA stage, and said while thanking the name of his new album's successor''Fame''the Monster "Born This Way." The blonde won renown as Katy Perry & Kesha the award for''Music video of the year with the song''Bad''Romance.'' The release date of the new cd and gaga 1/1/2011 according to the singer released a few weeks ago. Lady Gaga has earned the awards for:Best Female Video / Video Best Pop / Dance Best Video / Best Choreographer / Best Editing / Best Director Best Collaboration / Video of the Year

The newest teen pop world icon Justin Bieber first performed it outside the place of presentation, with his songs''Somebody To Love''&''Baby.'' The young tbm won the Rookie of the Year''''See the performace aqui 

Other winners were Muse no less special to receive the award for Special Effects for the song "Uprising." The great duo of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys with Photography "Empire State Of Mind." Also winning the award for Art Direction: "Dogs Days Are Over" - In Florence And The Machine. And a band that has everything to become one of the biggest names in international rock 30 Seconds to Mars won the category Best Rock Video "Kings and Queens
The award has been leading audiences around the world, which shows that more and more the music becomes synonymous with culture and integration of people, until the 2011 VMAs.

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REMEMBER! with 13 nominations that would be one of the biggest music awards VMA (Video Music Awards) and she is the only addition this year to achieve that mark in such a short time and say in passing that she is coming for a Grammy Award-winning''' 'followed by several other titles won as a result to their newest singles freat''Telephone. Beyonce &''''Alejandro''."I'm honored by all my little monsters of the universe, have more indications of the VMA in a single year than any other artist in the history of MTV. Ironically, I'm even more proud, is an unlucky number: 13. Long the world said to me and my little monsters never heard we would be together, we change the rules. God put me on earth for three reasons: to make music in a loud voice, video gay and cause the least strident. Thanks, MTV!'' . These are words of Gaga.The indications in which the singer is competing are: best pop video, best dance music video, best female video and best choreography & best choreography and video of the year. With a promising future Lady Gaga makes us more anxious maybe it ends with his next and last single to be released in the dark''Dance''can only hope.


One of the best-paid celebrity in the world according to revistaForbese singer and actress Beyonce who leads the top of the list for the second time becoming the highest-paid celebrities. With only 28 years old girl has got 87 million dollars that was raised in just 12 months beyond his tour contract with L'Oreal, its exclusive line of perfumes among others.She started as many in a band and then stood out as a solo artist, with more than 10 year career has shone much Beyonce on stage and led to record box office with films in which opposite. with several important titles & WMA's the girl has a great recognition and confirms what was expected of her and one of the most powerful in the world of music.

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A collection of 10 unreleased tracks recorded before the singer's death with musician and producer will be launched in future would be like a remake of tracks from the 80s to 2006, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone "the singer's manager said that information and that there are more than 1,000 new songs in hard drive that Michael had left the studio before his death. "There are two songs we recorded for the album 'Bad' left out and they are sensational," said manager Frank DiLeo as Rodney Jerkins co-producer of "Invincible" (2001) & Sony Music who await a profit $ 250 million, only the first disk. This further set of 10 discs of previously unreleased tracks by Michael forward, the benefits should be divided among the heirs Jackson.


This partnership promises, which holds a single two phenomena of instant pop world was launched today (31) in July. ''True Love''and the name of this new music that has no publication date for video, but promises to be a great partnership since Ke $ ha stay on top of the charts with his song''Tic Toc''then Katy Perry as the first single from her new album''California Girls.''
Listen to music by clicking aqui

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Former member of the group Destiny's Child, LeToya Luckett said in a chat to the fans, but it could be a duet with the band that divulgouBeyoncé that is one of the biggest names in pop today, and former member tambémKelly Rowland and Beyonce's cousin. Both work on two new albums and surprise their fans with this news because there was a feud between the members would follow that observed after the end of the band. "Kelly is my baby. She is in Australia now and can not attend to my party.However, we have spoken and we want to do something soon. " Beyoncé said


Teen Choice Awards in 2010 one of the most famous prizes in the world, will show on the 8th of August and already has many big names confirmed, Katy pery, Justin Bieber and others .. but one of these names is making the rounds. Scrolls on the Internet that Britney Spears was also at the event. Adam Leber, the singer's manager said the following sentence in your microblog (twitter) "Without TCAs for Britney this year guys, but @ @ DJPaulyD VictoriaJustice and are indicated, which is pretty cool. News soon." not confusing? for the most positivists seems that Britney will be at the awards, we can only wait and see who wins the board that the awards and trophy.

sexta-feira, 23 de julho de 2010


The North American group Black Eyed Peas''''that its members are respected as the musical director and producer and singer Fergiedonos both the successes of various soils, land on Brazilian soil in November According to the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo this Friday. And not yet confirmed but the fans can check out the band's schedule noSITEOFICIAL to make sure that the day will kill the homesickness of the band that had its last journey to Brazil in 2007 when he sang New Year's Eve on the beach several hits as''My Humps''& ;''''Do not lie titles winners of many awards.


Again causing the British band members fly''Mc''rested for photos in the magazine''teen''Attitude queprovavelmente are images of the latest album that has not yet named. In the pictures actually appear as young people come into the world something that promises to greatly among fans and tabloids around the world since the publication of the magazine comes very soon, in August, but of course we already roll scans of photos over the Internet. We can only hope to see the impact of so much freedom of expression.

Katy Perry is the new cover of the prestigious Billboard magazine''''this week, which has the title of queen of pop cap''''something that probably has as katy merit for their six weeks at # 1 spot in the top 10 of the same magazine with seusingle''California Girls.''The girl has more than two years in the music and it seems that is already gaining share, and after his first controversial single I Kissed a Girl''and''hard not to see Katy Perry tops in magazines and music sites. And she did not to, his next work song''Teenage Dream "comes with many expectations to be successful in a new CD that bears the name of the song.Contrary to what many people say yes and Katy a great bet for a future as pop magazines like''Billoard''&''''Rollingstone usually present and publish successes of great weight to the music market.

Yesterday the video strangely''baby''in which we have already spoken, was taken from the official account of youtube, the only information we have and that''copyright''for the advice of Michael Jackson forced the evacuation of the video for him apparently make apology to the clip of the late King of Pop''The Way You Make Me Feel''.Justin was her leadership with the most viewed video of''youtube''baby now lost his place to the then current 2nd place and 1st Lady Gaga with the clip Romance''Bad.''The video has already been restored does not have more views enough to beat back the new pop diva.

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Yesterday the video strangely''baby''in which we have already spoken, was taken from the official account of youtube, the only information we have and that''copyright''for the advice of Michael Jackson forced the evacuation of the video for him apparently make apology to the clip of the late King of Pop''The Way You Make Me Feel''.Justin was her leadership with the most viewed video of''youtube''baby now lost his place to the then current 2nd place and 1st Lady Gaga with the clip Romance''Bad.''The video has already been restored does not have more views enough to beat back the new pop diva.  aqui

Christina Aguilera received criticism about her new album "Bionic" the New York Post.With just 200,000 copies sold in the USA album out just like third place on Billboard and quickly fall in a few days far away from the top 10. What is happening with Christina? who lost his fans will be following it since the beginning of his long career in sick? The newspaper that published the review about the singer managed to speak with some influential people on his label. According to Christina did not know they interpret the current market, full of''monsters''of pop Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, among others.''Christina coming back to a stage where they stood after her pregnancy without messing with the music, so come back and difficult and complicated. ''Says his assistant. Another source cautioned that Christina and stubborn and it warned of a time when the market goes pop music, there are also rumors that several conversations between Xtina and the record company were trying to postpone the release of the CD, but Christina was determined to release his album''''Bionic successor of "Back To Basics" four years ago. "I work with the record label people, this information is completely removed from reality." Christina said the businessman to answer all the criticisms of the new album. But what if all the rumors are really true, stubbornness Christina, the wrong time to launch his CD, the screams so loud that it gives the tracks of his CD and giving an impression that she merely wants to show explicitly the power his voice so magnificent that the world already knows or launch a music so slowly and without connectivity to the theme of the album, good left to wait and see what will happen after the release of''You Lost Me''so that the next single cd commented that you can check by clicking...aqui

I smell of early fame, some children scandals, money and superstition. Justin Bieber's newest youth icon of music on every night on stage with the same jacket that says''to be your good luck charm.'' Its producers warn that white is not a good color to use as a costume that will be used every night but Bieber clothes have to be impeccable with every presentation.Putting a little aside the superstitions of the small idol .. Justin Bieber 16 years in the music world came in 2008 with her debut single''One Time''today with his new song Somebody To Love''job''he spawned the 1st place in váriosrankings world. The boy's godfather in music as the singer Usher has already starred with him in two of his clips helping to fatten the bank account of a teen who does not know how many digits currently has the option of your team.''Baby''managed to debunk the queen of youtube''''Lady Gaga atingir249.183.362 after your video views.Zeca Camargo posted something on his blog that called G1 internaltas attention of several of Bieber on the success with their new video''I'm also slightly uncompensated by having to acknowledge the "victory" in a chorus that just says "baby, baby, baby"about a little more subversive verses such as "Bad romance" ("I want your love, and I want revenge / I want your love, do not want to be friends") Zeca Camargo (07/19/2010). We can not stop thinking that there really is a grain of truth in the words of Zeca Camargo, but the market and the public who orders and Justin had his work rewarded and will certainly have a prosperous future in the music world, despite all the criticism the young singer

"With the smell of cotton candy''Katy Perry was once described his new album which was released today (22) and will be released on August 24 and will have the title''Teenage Dream.'' This cd promises for his first single''California Girls''was for six weeks in first place in the top of Billboard, and their second single already promises new hits, the band that bears the name of the album will be the next music job. Katy is already working on the clip, recently left her pictures with the model & actor who appears with her in a''hot''scene in the pool.
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quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010


POWER! maybe that word does not define Rihanna and Eminem, who took Katy Perry also may be called absolute power in the music world, hmm. Absolute / music're not talking about cross Sthefanie mouth, but on the''Billboard''the largest magazine / site / awards from the music world, there is a list of songs you listen to e.. what was Katy Perry was stolen yesterday when''I love the way you lie''by Rihanna frat. Eminem came to a spot in the list. Katy Perry was leading by six weeks of''California Girls''and is now in second place followed by "Airplanes" of BoB with Hayley Williams.Who knew huh, that girl that began with chatíssimos hits and hard to hear, now leads the charts that even the top of the moment''''Lady Gaga we could reach this month. The international market and demanding, it's really a great factor in the curriculum Rihanna keep on success.

OMG she would actually even the new queen? Does a mere girl who lives in the tabloids and gossip Hubbub''''showing his skills to attract flash for their appearances, without panties, driving with a newborn baby in her lap, kissing Madonna .. hmm. be?YES!With 100 million copies sold topple Britney Spears as the singer who has sold more in the last decade .. Come see why so successful: Baby One More Time "28 million copies of" Oops ... I Did It Again "20 million copies .. these two hits were a bestseller and remembered, oh sure well remembered for Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Madonna were the celebrities who lost his post as powerful by Britney.RIAA (Record Industry Association of America) who was released this data to the press and who also reported that Spears is working on her new album circus''successor''which sold millions of copies and it certainly helped to topple Britney 100 million albums and singles sold. the girl is not powerful? This and evidence that age and can not depend on one another.